It Came to My Attention

It came to my attention the other day that I really like helping people with personal advice and that sometimes it can lead to answers someone was looking for. I don't mean this to sound know-it-all in any way because I DEFINITELY do not know it all - but I do have some experience in a few areas & maybe some more experience than someone else. Especially when it comes to the wedding industry. I figured it would probably be best to write about some of those things and that if someone was looking for advice on something that I might have exactly what they are looking for. 

Does anyone else have a Tumblr or am I the only 27 year old with a blog chalk full of pictures? I know my BFF Erika has one still because we follow each other and ever since college we just repost repost repost all of our favorite things. There's something really therapeutic about gathering a million pictures of what the inside of your brain looks like. I think the process of "gathering" those photos has lead me to an obsession of gathering things I love and making lists of those things. When it comes to weddings & bridal related things, I could make lists of favorites for days. So I think maybe I'll start sharing those lists because why not. 


I don't want to make this too long because I'd love to get started and share a few of my favorites with everyone but I do want to make a note that I think people should share their favorites with me too because like I said, I don't know everything & would love to have my eyes opened up to even more possibilities that I could share with other people. 

So here it goes, I hope you like it!

xoxo - Kirsten Alise